Michal Renee

     Michal Renee is a Model, Actress, Dancer, & Youtuber from Pittsburgh PA. Since a Young age, Michal enjoyed & was trained in the arts. She devoted her childhood & teen years studying, practicing, & eventually Teaching in the areas she loved most. 

    Michal’s first love was dance. She trained for 14 years at Zoise Baer Dance Studio studying jazz, tap, ballet, pointe, acro, lyrical, modern & hip hop. She participated in many dance competitions, & even won state & national awards. After leaving her home studio to go to college, she was on her University’s dance team while working professionally as a dance teacher at Feel The Rhythm Dance Studio with a focus on hip hop. Since then, Michal has used her dance skills in film & even made a dancing appearance on Nickelodeon show “Supah Ninjas”. Dance remains one of her favorite passions.

     At a young age, Michal also had a natural knack for acting. She attended WCCC for several years studying in classes such as performance, monologues, improvisation, choreography, & auditioning. She landed multiple roles at the college in those years, some including leads. She also belonged to her schools drama club which put on musicals each year. Michal secured several roles dancing and even singing while apart of this group. In the present day, Michal has been actively auditioning, training, networking in order to keep her acting skills sharp and ready to use.

     Modeling came around in Michal’s college years where she met plenty of photographers & fellow models with which she worked hard with to build her portfolio. She found modeling to be one of her favorite ways of producing ideas & content to express herself & became very serious about getting as good as she could in the field. She added Music Videos, Commercials, Ads, & Video work to her portfolio over the years. Michal currently remains booked with photo shoots & video shoots alike & loves working with new people. 

    Youtube is Michal’s most recent endeavor which she thoroughly enjoys and works hard at pushing out high quality & substantial content. She is self taught in all the editing & filming that takes place to make her channel run smoothly. Her channel is of a positive nature that mainly focuses on lifestyle, behind the scenes, advice, fashion, & beauty. Subscribe to her channel & check out more!

In the present day, Michal has relocated to Atlanta where she is pursuing all of these things & more. You can follow her journey on her YouTube where she documents her struggles, progress, & breakthroughs throughout. She is always looking for new people to work with so feel free to reach out or schedule a meeting with her. Thanks for visiting Michal Renee’s Website! 

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